Wiring looms W124, W129, W140 and more (heat resistant)

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Particularly in the 90’s, Mercedes Benz used wiring looms that did not stand the test of time. Heat of the engine causes the insulation of the loom to perish. The outcome is an engine that is not running well, and in a worst case scenario electrical components can be damaged through a faulty wiring loom.

Lichtenberg Classics is offering a heat resistant replacement in exchange of the old one.

Engine M111 : 550.00 Euro  (MB Price 744.56 Euro)

Engine M104 : 680.00 Euro (MB Price from 732.04 to 1689.33 Euro)

Engine M119 : 680.00 Euro

Engine M120 : 990.00 Euro


Classic wiring looms:

W201 : up to 1110.00 Euro (depending on Model and spec)

W111 3.5 : 990.00 Euro