Maintenance Tips

Maintenance tips for your classic car :

On the road:

Keep your classic clean – especially the wheel arches

Check all fluid levels and tyre pressures on a regular basis

If you are driving your classic on a regular basis or even daily I would strongly recommend a voluntary NCT test every two years.

Use Ethanol stabiliser like this one as the new E10 fuel is not compatible with older cars (hygroscopic and corrosive)

In storage:

Choose a garage that is well ventilated

Release the tension of soft top a little – never leave it in the casing

Pressurise tyres with 3-4 bar to prevent flat spots in the tyre

Clean the car inside out and wheel arches – give it time to dry

Check antifreeze and windscreen wash for adequate frost protection

Place an oily rag before butterfly valve (intake manifold or carburettor) and exhaust rear ends – make a reminder note and place it on the dash

Lift wipers off the screen (a cork will do the job)

Place dehumidifiers or a sack of rice in the passenger compartment

Release hand brake

Clean door and boot seals and treat with rubber preserving products (i.e. silicon spray)

Fill the tank, to prevent rust

Disconnect battery

Remove floor mats

Open a window a bit

Change engine oil and filter

Use car cover with soft inlay if possible