About Us

In October 2005 I moved with my wife Aoife from Germany to Dublin. Repairing, restoring and driving vintage cars has always been my passion and what initially started as a hobby became my profession.

I served my apprentice years in a German garage that specialised in servicing, repairing and restoring vintage cars and after three and a half years emerged as a qualified panel beater. I then went on to acquire a technical college diploma and followed this with three years study of mechanical engineering at Flensburg University.

During my years in college I founded my own garage with my fellow student and friend, Jan, which serviced and restored vintage cars

I graduated from D.I.T. (Dublin Institute of Technology) with a B.Eng.Tech in Automotive Technology & Management with a B.Sc.hons. in Transport Technology.

Benjamin Lichtenberg (B.Sc.hons., B.Eng.Tech., AAE MIMI)