For sale 1976 Mercedes W115 230.4 /8

1976 230.4 Mercedes Strich Acht

This is a great example of one of my personal favourite Mercs out there. I am advertising this car for a client.

This car has been owned by a Dr. in the U.K. then passed on to his daughter, who sold it to the present owner with 98000 miles on the clock. Now the clocks have turned as it only has a 5 digit display.

The car came into Ireland in 2013. I gave the car a full service, improved steering, fitted new front axle bushings and converted it to electronic ignition and fitted H&R lowering springs (4cm).

The car had a small accident to the front, which has been repaired. It is now back to its former glory.

Original structure underneath and paint is in very good condition, front seat has a small tear in the upholstory.

Price 10,000 Euro